2018 JWSA Recipient Erin Dung


It is a pleasure to announce that Erin Dung is the winner of the 2018 Jo White Scholarship Award!

Erin joined the Colleagues of Calligraphy in 2015 but her interest in lettering goes back nearly 20 years when she took her first class at the University of Portland.

Upon moving to Minnesota in 2004, “real life” took hold for a few years but in 2014 she took a class from CoC member (and current Board Secretary) Judith Michalski, and her intrigue with letters was re-ignited. Since then, she has become a familiar figure at Colleagues' events. She has attended many CoC workshops and recently gave a presentation at a CoC meeting on her Spencerian class experience with Michael Sull.

In her application, Erin stated, “I am interested in furthering my knowledge and experience of calligraphy by attending the Annual Conference for IAMPETH (International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting) in Milwaukee this summer.” 


Over the five days of the conference, Erin will attend 5 or more sessions on topics that might range from Beginning Copperplate to Signature Design! She said that this experience will allow her to have the time away from her work at a software company to focus on the study of pointed pen lettering. She is looking forward to working with master penmen and experienced instructors from all over the U.S. Erin also expressed her desire to share what she will learn!

The Colleagues of Calligraphy Board of Directors thanks the Scholarship committee for its consideration and deliberations. And we enthusiastically congratulate Erin and wish her well in the coming year of calligraphic study.