2019 JWSA Recipients Georgia Greeley and Alex Glowka


Georgia Greeley

I taught myself calligraphy as a child, using the The Puffin Book of Lettering, which I still own and use as a resource. I learned Chinese brush painting about the same time by watching a PBS weekly program and painting in our living room. I audited a combined Sumi-e and Calligraphy course at St. Catherine’s University the semester after I earned my undergraduate degree at that institution (English & Art). I was my choir’s calligrapher for about 10 years, lettering awards. I played with calligraphy on and off for years. I worked on calligraphy sacred text project at Holy Spirit Elementary School with Joanne Schulte, who asked me to join Colleagues over many years. I am happy to say I finally joined about two years before she died. I am a working writer and artist with my main media being printmaking and bookmaking. I want to pull calligraphic techniques more deeply into my regular practice.

I want to pull more calligraphy into my printing, brush painting, and book arts work. This would be mainly experimental, but would also involve intensive classes in brush painting with Bob Schmitt to regain lost skills and learn new ones. I have written a children’s book that has Japanese characters and want to do illustrations and finish a mock up by the end of the year so I can begin submitting as an author/illustrator. I have another children’s book about the concept of odd & even for which I want to do all the lettering/calligraphy by hand. I want to get this second book to submittable status.

One of my longer term goals is to design, write, and publish beautiful picture books for deaf and hard of hearing children. When I worked for the Saint Paul Public Library, the books I looked at for this group of readers were very functional but not as beautiful as those for children of the hearing world. I have taken one ASL (American Sign Language) class and plan to take more as research for on an alphabet book using ASL letters, drawings & calligraphy.

Alex Glowka’s summary of his course of study is not available at this time, but will hopefully appear here soon!