Our Members Teach in Our Communities

Learning calligraphy can start out as a solitary pursuit, then grow from there.

Does this sound familiar?

You see great hand-lettering! It grabs you.

You spend time looking at calligraphy in books or online.

The more you learn the more about calligraphy, the more you are in awe of it.

You want to know others who are as intrigued by it as you are.

You want to learn calligraphy, online or in person.

Lucky for you, our members teach in various locations in the Twin Cities and beyond!

Sign up for one of their classes.
Become a member of the league of lettering lovers. Get to know people who love the art of beautiful handwriting like you do!

Currently, there are no member-taught classes being held. This is normal for the summer months. Please check back in late summer when community education classes and arts organizations start up their fall educational offerings.