I admit I'm pretty tickled about this

Welcome to the new Members Only corner of our website! As I mentioned in my Annual President's Letter a couple of weeks ago, this is another step to make progress on our wish list items, connect us better online, and share our love of calligraphy.

The "Colleagues Classifieds," for example, started as an off-handed "wouldn't it be great if" musing: why don't we offer members a place to publicize that they are having a studio purge, or for newcomers to find supplies? And now, here we are, live with our first two listings: one a seller's (Diane von Arx), the other a seeker's, aka "ISO" (in search of), which happens to be mine.

Also, you can now access the Membership Directory from your phone, computer, or tablet/pad, anytime, just by remembering our password. New members who've joined since July, 2017, will be added soon, but the pdf of the annual version sent out in January is accessible by clicking here.

The box below is where you should share your questions, comments, and ideas with me and fellow members and I will respond. I look forward to our on-going conversation!