Historical Scripts and Strokes: Pre-Copperplate Italic with Gemma Black

alphabet – Gemma Black

alphabet – Gemma Black

History is our clearest guide for good lettering in our modern era.

In this fascinating class with artist Gemma Black from Tasmania, students were led down the path of fully understanding and internalizing the details, nuances, and characteristics of pre-copperplate hands.

We traced and carefully studied the old masters, training our hands to flow, dip, and turn with the subtleties of the strokes and scripts.

Gemma skillfully opened our eyes to the use of historical scripts to inform our work and then led us down a path of creative exploration as we used our imaginations in other new ways to createworks using those scripts.

It is always a pleasure to learn from a teacher who oozes confidence and self-assurance in the knowledge of what is being taught.

Gemma’s rich and exceptional career made us very lucky recipients of knowledge, style, and grace in all things calligraphy.