The Colleagues of Calligraphy based in Minneapolis–Saint Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A. is pleased to have you visit our digital home. We hope you enjoy what you find here and see why we think the world is a more interesting place wherever calligraphy is found.

The Latest News

11.07.18 You know what you should do? You should enter the The Graceful Envelope Contest, that’s what! The 25th annual contest urges artists to “find new ways to use calligraphy, graphic design and postage stamps to enhance their entries. It may be a small canvas, but you are capable of big ideas.”

10.15.18 Do you have a creative event/endeavor you would like other people to know about? Email vicepresident@colleaguesofcalligraphy.com with the details and we’ll make sure it gets on the Members In Action page!

09.30.18 We sadly share the passing of Pat Barrett's husband, John, on September 25, after a long journey through Alzheimer's disease. Pat’s boundless, loving care has been nothing short of exemplary. Please click here for the obituary. Our love goes out to Pat and her family.

09.25.18 Wow, we have some busy guild members—Jean Formo is also having a show opening and you can see this at the new Members In Action page along with news of other members’ exhibits and special activities and achievements!

09.20.18 Announcing a new page for our website—Members In Action! Here you will find events and other happenings in which our members are involved outside of the CoC along with occasional special events in which the CoC participates. Up next is an exhibit at the MCBA in which Georgia Greeley and TJ Goerlitz are exhibiting! Check it out now!

08.29.18 Don't miss the exhibit featuring the work of long-time member Jean Heidenreich at Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church! This is a  wonderful opportunity to see the beautiful calligraphy and art of one of our most prolific members! While you are there, look for the 4' x 5' Brazilian slate/stone carving commission done by Janey Westin and Charlie Hughes. Janey says it is one of the most difficult layout challenges she has ever worked on. Read more here.

08.06.18 Congratulations to Kris MacDonald for an Honorable Mention win in The Graceful Envelope 2018 contest! That is quite a feat! See her entry and read her entertaining story here.

08.29.18 ICYM (In Case You Missed It) Our calendar of programs and workshops has been up for a few weeks. Check it out here.

08.01.18 The final Practice Project Foundational challenge #7 is ready for you. You know what to do… here 

08.01.18  Have you read our programs director Jean Formo’s excellent guide for how to arrange a meaningful one and one-half day study time at HMML or a two and one-half day visit to study the manuscript holdings at HMML? The article tells you exactly how to do it, all the steps involved, and in what order to accomplish everything. Read it here.

07.10.18  We now have a space for members to share information of a more personal nature with their fellow colleagues. Visit the Members Only page now to become aware of things your fellow members “want you to know.” If you have an item you would like posted (or forgot your password), send an email to info@colleaguesofcalligraphy.com.11






Mission Statement

Our mission is to PROMOTE the critical practice of calligraphy as a craft and as an art form, and to ENCOURAGE individual excellence, and to FOSTER a wider appreciation and a deeper understanding of calligraphy, its history and applications through the free interchange of ideas and techniques.

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