The Colleagues of Calligraphy based in Minneapolis–Saint Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A. is pleased to have you visit our digital home. We hope you enjoy what you find here and see why we think the world is a more interesting place wherever calligraphy is found.

The Latest News

We are working on a new website feature called “Colleagues Classifieds” where members can peddle their calligraphic wares. Until it is ready, we will start here with a Save-the-Date notice for Diane von Arx’s Studio Downsizing Sale: Saturday, October 28. Mark your calendars! This promises to be a doozy of a sale!

You’ve heard of Speed Dating? Well, we’re doing a variation on it for our annual Membership Renewal Campaign (Newcomers: no need to wait, click and join now).

It’s a “Speed Campaign” for membership. In other words, let’s get shakin’ and be done in 30 days (preferably fewer)! Watch here for updates on the progress toward our goal!

We'd love nothing more than to report that we’re all wrapped up when we see you at our next program:

October 21, 2017
The Foundational Hand: Basics and Beyond

This program is designed for anyone newer to calligraphy, veterans, and everyone in between. It promises to be a fun session with Kris MacDonald and Lori Tews!


An Interview with Roz Stendahl

Programs Director Jean Formo conducted a delightful and informative interview with our November program guest presenter, Roz Stendahl. Read it at the end of the November program description here.


All the best to you, and see you on the 21st!

Maura Lynch, President






President’s Message


I am fond of saying that when you discover calligraphy, and others who share your love of the art of beautiful handwriting, you have found your tribe.

From the look and feel of lush papers to out-of-the-ordinary surfaces lettered with rich inks, pigments or paints, hand-made lettering simply takes our breath away.

Maybe you are new to appreciating or learning about calligraphy. Perhaps you are a long-time student or master of this art.

Whatever your background, I invite you to explore how we express our passion for calligraphy. Our members are a generous, welcoming group of people, eager to learn from you and share what they know.

This website, newly re-designed as of July 2017, enables us to be more interactive. We expect and are excited for how it will change and develop over time.

I invite you to share your thoughts and ideas about what you find here – or would like to find – by contacting me at president@colleaguesofcalligraphy.com.

Maura Lynch


Mission Statement

Our mission is to PROMOTE the critical practice of calligraphy as a craft and as an art form, and to ENCOURAGE individual excellence, and to FOSTER a wider appreciation and a deeper understanding of calligraphy, its history and applications through the free interchange of ideas and techniques.

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