Enhance your learning and calligraphy practice by checking out the resources in our library!

The Colleagues has an extensive library inventory. Members have access to a multimedia library of books, videos, slides, magazines and a variety of newsletters. Items can be checked out from September through May.

You can request items by using the online catalog, then contacting the librarian at librarian@colleaguesofcalligraphy.com. Please write “CoC Library” in the subject line of your email. Your reserved items will be brought to the next meeting for check-out.

New books for 2017

After an informal voting at the February meeting, some new books were ordered for the library. Look for Take Your Pleasure Seriously by Luca Barcelona, Lines to Live By by Mike Gold, and Pens and Protocol II by the Washington DC guild.

Ordered and coming sometime in the future are Calligraphy: A Complete Course by Barbara Calzolari, and Mastering Broad Brush Capitals by John Stevens.

The library also has a copy of Waters Rising by Sheila Waters.

If you are one of the lucky ones who get to read these books first, please consider posting comments or a review on our blog.

The Colleagues also own a 6" glass muller, used for grinding gesso. It can be checked out from the library, but you will need to request that it to be brought to a meeting; it is heavy.