• Library patrons must be current, paid members of The Colleagues of Calligraphy.
  • Library items checked out at one meeting are due at the next meeting.
  • Overdue items are followed up by a phone call one day after the due date.
  • If a member cannot return an item on time, the item will need to be shipped, mailed or otherwise returned to the librarian at the earliest possible date. Members are responsible to make the needed return arrangements.  Visit to browse our library catalog. Take a look at the category key to find books, DVDs, and periodicals of interest.
  • Specific library items may be requested in advance. Just contact the librarian who will bring the requested items to the next meeting for check-out. The library is in use from September through May. Summer months are for inventory, book repair, processing new items and catalog revision.


  • Locate the book card pocket at inside back cover of book, DVD, or periodical.
  • Remove card and write your name and phone number on it.
  • Give the signed book card to the librarian.
  • The librarian will stamp the due date on the date slip near the book pocket.

Please care for library items as you would care for your own property. If you notice the need for a repair, simply inform the librarian. All repairs will be done by the librarian with archival methods and materials to insure the longevity of the item.

Some older books should not be opened flat on a copy machine. Doing so may inflict serious damage, depending on the construction of the book spine. Such a book will have a “NO COPIES, PLEASE” note placed in the book pocket.

Please keep your bottled ink away from library items. In the past, a calligraphy manual suffered a very extensive ink spill. Large parts of the text were obliterated, with numerous pages permanently stuck together. Repair was impossible.