Load That Pen, Pull That Stroke

There are many opportunities to practice your calligraphy. We encourage you to try some of the ideas below.


Meet Ups

Our members have a long history of meeting in small groups to share their work and projects, and tips, tricks, critiques and advice. Long-time friendships and some great calligraphy have been the result.

One current open Meet Up rotates its location to various coffee shops in Minneapolis and St. Paul on different Sundays, and breweries and tap rooms on Wednesday evenings. Click here for details.

For current members, we would love to hear more about your groups, especially if you have been part of one for a long-time, and share your experiences here.

Contact us with stories—and questions about how you can get involved in a meet-up—at meetups@colleaguesofcalligraphy.com.


The Coc Practice Project

Members and visitors to our site are invited to learn about and brush up on the traditional calligraphic hands by participating in a calligraphy challenge that changes biweekly.

The idea is to have fun, refresh old skills or learn new ones, and to get and provide constructive feedback, all in the spirit of our shared love for calligraphy.

You can find the challenges just below, on The CoC Practice Project page, and on the Colleagues of Calligraphy Facebook page.

Christmas Card Exchange

Wouldn't you love to be able to bring in the mail in December and see envelopes and cards that remind you that you’re not the only calligraphy lover who’s caught the holiday spirit?

In November, the card exchange coordinator sends out a call for calligraphers to both make and receive Christmas cards from other participants. The names and addresses of the other card-making elves who want to get in the holiday spirit are distributed, so if 15 people are in, you will make and receive 15 cards.

The only guideline is that you are the one who makes the cards (and yes, it counts if you have made or designed a card that you have had printed in quantity).

If you’ve never participated before, this is a great way to spread and receive some holiday cheer, as well as see your fellow Colleagues’ creative holiday impulses at work!

If you’d like to participate in this year’s exchange, email info@colleaguesofcalligraphy.com.

External Promotions and Practice Opportunities

The Graceful Envelope

The Graceful Envelope Contest 2018 Honorable Mention by Kris MacDonald

The Graceful Envelope Contest 2018 Honorable Mention by Kris MacDonald

The Washington Calligraphers Guild and the National Association of Letter Carriers invites calligraphers and artists from around the world to participate in their annual Graceful Envelope Contest.

There is no entry fee and no excuse not to do this! See many years of wonderfully creative winning envelopes here

Take a moment to read the story behind Kris MacDonald’s 2018 submission — it received Honorable Mention! Congratulations, Kris!



In these days of Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, it’s nice to be encouraged to pick up a pen and practice the art of vintage social media – the handwritten letter.

February is International Correspondence Writing Month and InCoWriMo’s motto is “One a day. Every Day. February.” Just do it.