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The Creative Process: a Program Presented by Kristen Doty

(The actual program begins at 7:00, but you are invited to join us at 6:30 for a social time during which you can visit the library table, the demo corner, the Show and Share table, and have refreshments.)

The actual creative process may be a mysterious and complex series of brain activity combined with knowledge, spiritual guidance or a muse, and a skill set as unique to each artist as is every fingerprint. It can be virtually undefinable. Therefore, this presentation will illustrate the creative process within the context of doing the work. Through bold slide images from several different artists, you will learn about the creative process. Each artist also answers the same series of questions, revealing their inspiration and different methods and techniques they employ to create unique works of calligraphic art. You will gain new ideas to inspire and help you when creating your own work.

Demo Corner: Conor Dolan - details to come