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Collaborative Words—A Hands-On Encounter

  • Plymouth Congregational Church 1900 Nicollet Avenue Minneapolis, MN, 55403 United States (map)

(It is free to attend this program. Visitors are welcome to attend to see if they would like to join our guild. For more info, please follow this link. The actual program begins at 1:00, but you are invited to join us at 12:30 for a social time during which you can visit the library table, the demo corner, the Show and Share table, and have refreshments.)


Facilitated by Jean Formo 


Work with an art buddy to create spontaneous art in the moment. Be a part of a hands-on exploration in artistic collaboration using mark-making, letters, and a variety of shared tools, mediums and words. Be ready at the sound of a bell to switch partners! You and your buddy divide the spoils and use them at home to make “a thing.” Bring your “things” to our October program.

Bring List for each participant

TOOLS: 2 flat-edged brushes (1 and 2 inches), pens (both large and small), small and large markers, small sponges—anything that will make a letter or a mark. Optional: balsa pieces, reeds, pointed brushes, large graphite bars.

WET/DRY MEDIA: a few inks or gouache, both light and dark in value, watercolors, a few colored pencils, paper towels for blotting, water jar, mixing brushes, palette or container for mixing paints.  

Bring a few favorite words or phrases.

You will share tools and materials with your partner. Bring what you can and share the rest.

Large sheets of fine art paper will be supplied to you at no cost!