Maxine Coldren


Maxine was a walking love package, and her calligraphy (especially that which grew out of Reggie Ezell's class) was always more than just a piece of was a piece of her. Her family (the nephews and nieces, grandchildren of her husband Richard Coldren) adored her, and we will all remember with what love and grace she spoke of these people. Many of her unique books were made especially for them. In recent years she often shared these books with us at our calligraphy study group.

I can remember one summer lunch hour at Reggie's class in Lauderdale. It was only lunchtime and we were all exhausted. Maxine and I sat on the grass next to the Lauderdale City Hall, where inside, we had our class month after month. We sat there with our sandwiches and marveling that we had survived the class for even that long! We agreed that it took all we had and more. Of course that was the whole point of the experience!

It has been such a gift for us to know Maxine. Her commitment to the Colleagues was significant. For several years, she brought her talent and experience to our Signature newsletter as its editor. Years later, Maxine created an amazing historical exhibition for our last Minnesota-sponsored international calligraphy conference which featured the history of those gatherings.

We all have endearing memories of Maxine—endearing because she was exactly that.


The funeral is Friday March 23, 2018 at Hosanna Lutheran Church Lakeville, MN.

Visitation is at 10:00 a.m., Service at 11:00 a.m. followed by meal gathering. If you need more details please visit Johnson Peterson Funeral Home at

Judy Dodds reminded us of the richness of Maxine's involvement when she was editor of Signature magazine. View a PDF of her "from the editor" column here. 

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